"Be Excited For The Next 10 Years"

Last week I said Covid-19 will be here for at least 2 years, I was wrong! Covid-19 will be here for 100 years, and it will change our lives forever. But how exactly? Well, here is my best guess.


1 Office

The office is dead, in a lockdown, it's illegal to open them. So companies are realizing, Wow! I don't need an office! I don't need to pay $ 1,000,000 dollars in rent, when all my employees can work from home. Google and Facebook just announced that all their employees do not neet to come to an office until 2021!

2 Jobs


Many jobs can be done remotely, you just need the internet. So when Covid-19 hit millions of people drove out of New York, back to their homes to be with their family. They realized, why do I need to pay $ 2,000 dollars a month for a small apartment just to live in a big city, yes!


3 Cities


They will not be the same. People are realizing they don't like the traffic, the noise and the pollution. They can work next to very exciting nature, So, in the future millions of people will immigrate from cities to farms... to beaches... to small towns... and that means... New York city, New Delhi, and every other major city will not be the same after Covid-19. For one, they will have a lot less traffic.


4 Talent


This is the most exciting part. If you don't need to be in the office, then Google can hire you wherever you are in the world. Which means, if you are a genius living in Indonesia or Iceling or Zimbabwe, Google will hire you, right from you bedroom. You just need to have talent. You don't need a US visa, you don' need to emigrate, you don't need to relocate, you don't need to go to the office. In fact, last month I hired 3 people without ever meeting them in person. It was all done online. This is why Covid-19 will be around for 100 years. The virus will disappear, but its effects, will be around for a long time. Once we realize, our jobs can be done remotely, we will not want to be stuck in traffic, paying $ 2,000 dollars for a small apartment just to get to an office. Covid-19 is a global tragedy but it's a historic one and it will change our lives, our jobs, our offices and our countries forever. Which means this is the time to finally get a stronger Wi-FI.


See you next week.


Be excited for a whole new world!


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