"Being Married or Single? "

Being single has its advantages and disadvantages. I think it’s better to stay single when you’re young. You need to live and have fun. You also need the freedom to do what you want, when you want. Being single in your twenties gives you lots of time to go travelling, see the world and experience different things.

Most people like being single in their twenties and then want to settle down in their thirties. I think being single later in life can be sad. All of your friends are married or attached and people tend to go out and party less. I think being single when you’re old would be very lonely. The longer you stay single, the harder it becomes to settle down. In some countries, people think you’re strange if you’re single later on in life.


However, there are some surprising benefits that come from being single that, no one has told you before! One of them is that, you can flirt without fear and you can do whatever the hell you want to.

Keeping a relationship alive takes time and energy, you must consider the other person's needs and be committed. If you are not ready to consider it, then being single might be for you.

Difficult words:

Settle down (to begin to live a quieter life by getting married or staying permanently in a place.)

Ex: Have you settled down in your new house yet?

Attached (joined or fixed to something)

Ex: I'm very attached to my old guitar. 

Lonely (unhappy because you are alone or because you have no friends)

Ex: She gets lonely now that all the kids have left home.

Flirt (to behave toward someone in a way that shows your sexual or romantic interest in them)

Ex: Christina was flirting with just about every man in the room.


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