Netflix's The Witcher: Release date and everything else about Geralt 

Henry Cavill as Geralt of Rivia in The Witcher.  (Netflix)

Netflix's adaptation of the fantasy book series The Witcher is almost coming. The popular story have already been adapted into a video game series and comic books, but some people have described the next show as Netflix's answer to Game of Thrones. 


The Witcher tells the story of Geralt of Rivia, a hunter who kills mythical monsters for money. He's cynical and pragmatic, but Geralt  help those in need as he travels the land of The Continent.


Here's everything you need to know about the show.

When is the release date?

The Witcher will come sometime in 2019, which means in the next couple of months. Some secure information says  it would be December 17th.

A new trailer with the release date is expected to be shown at the Lucca Comics and Games convention in Lucca, Italy, on Oct. 31. The convention will also have the author of the books, Andrzej Sapkowski;

Production of the first season officially ended in April, according to social media posts from actor Adam Levy, who plays Mousesack.

In May 2017, Netflix announced it was adapting the books into a series.

Who is acting in the series?

As the main character, Geralt of Rivia, is Superman himself, Henry Cavill. The actor has said he's a fan of the novels and the video game series, in particular The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt. He told when he was promoting "Mission Impossible", how much he wanted the role. He was chosen for the job the following month after the conversation.


He was my first choise. I didn’t have writers or scripts yet – just a greenlight and a lot of passion. That was four months ago, and I’ve never forgotten the passion he brought. He IS Geralt. He always has been. I’m so thrilled to welcome HENRY CAVILL to the Witcher family.

Another important role cast for the show is Roach, Geralt's horse and traveling companion, who's a favorite among fans.

Who is The Witcher?


Polish author Andrzej Sapkowski wrote the first book in 1992, with the English title Sword of Destiny.


In the books, Geralt's job is some kind of professional monster hunter known as a witcher. He was trained for the job as a young child which turned his skin and hair white and gave him superhuman strength. Geralt is also skilled in magic and sword fighting.


In his travels, Geralt has killed all sorts of monsters for the right price. He's also showed compassion for those in need of some help.


Let's wait and see if The Witcher is going to be as good as Game of thrones.. Honestly I hope so!


Release date - data de lançamento

Witcher - bruxo

Hunter - caçador

Season - temporada

Ended -terminou

Novels - romances / livros

Greenlight - sinal verde

Passsion - paixão

Forgotten - esqueci

Brought - trouse

Trilled - entusiasmado

Role cast- elenco de papéis

Polist - Polonês

Sword - espada

Stength - força

Skilled - habilidoso

All sort of - todo tipo de

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