"Harry and Meghan Leave the Royal Family"

Prince Harry and his wife Meghan decide to stop their activity in the Royal Family. They say that they want to star working. However, they plan to work with Queen Elizabeth II, Prince Charles and other people.

Harry and Meghan want to divide their time between the United Kingdom and North America. They want to start new projets. They want to focus on charity.

They also say that they need more space. The British tabloids write a lot about Meghan. The  couple is not happy about it. Harry remembers the situation with his mother, Princess Diana, and the tabloids. She dies because journalists follow her everywhere. 

The Royal Family says that they understand why Harry and Meghan want to change their lives. They must discuss everything. They must solve this difficult situation.

The couple will no longer receive public funding for royal duties. They can no longer officially represent the queen.

In addition, the two will no longer be able to use the titles of "their royal majesties". In a personal statement, Queen Elizabeth II thanked the two and said she was proud of Meghan.

"I recognize the challenges they have had due to intense press coverage over the past two years and support their desire for a more independent life," she says.

Difficult words:

Charity (the activity to help people who need money, food or health care)

Tabloid (a type of newspaper with short, simple articles that are mainly about crime and famous people).

Duties (things that you have to do as part of your job)

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