A young girl dies after cellphone explodes; See the precautions you should take.

A 14-year-old girl died after her cellphone exploded while she was sleeping. The case took place in Bastobe, Kazakhstan, and exposes the risks of using the phone while it is plugged in. According to investigations, the teenager Alua Asetkyzy put the device to recharge and fell asleep listening to music. During the night, an overload occurred and the battery exploded.

In Brazil, a similar fatality happened to the firefighter Gislene Martins Goulart. She died in April last year in a fire that would have started after a problem occurred on her mobile phone that was carrying next to the bed where she slept. The case of the young woman from Kazakhstan still needs more investigation, but note the warning: do not put yourself at risk and avoid using electronic devices that are plugged in.


Experts are always remembering that fires and even explosions caused by mobile phone chargers are not so common to happen. But the danger is there, and it can get worse in cases of:


  • Use of fake chargers, without approval from Anatel (National Telecommunications Agency) or competent agencies;


  • Old power grid without maintenance.

Genuine chargers only power the phone if they are plugged in, experts say. They operate like a switch with the lamp when not connected to the electronic device. Therefore, the risk of them causing an electrical problem is small.

For fake chargers this cannot be guaranteed. It can provide power beyond what is required for the phone to recharge and pull power even when the phone is not connected.

Local power grid problems also cause cell phone electrical problems. If the network does not have to preventive maintenance, there are real chances of overloading, shock or fire.

Do you use a cell phone in the bathroom? Avoid

The actual damage that moisture can cause to electronic devices is the smallest of problems. Water (not pure) acts as a great conductor of electricity. For this reason, the risk of a possible shock is high.

How does everything work? Well, the electric current has electrons moving from one point to another all the time. For this to work, having a propagation for this system is necessary. Bath and shower water work just like this.

According to experts, water conducts electricity and distributes this energy throughout the human body, which also functions as a conductor. In such cases, the person may have a cardiorespiratory problem and die.

Other cases


Late last year, the death of a young Russian athlete also had international repercussions. Irina Rybnikova suffered an electric shock after her iPhone fall while she was in the shower at her Moscow home. The device was plugged in.

In February last year, also in Russia, 24-year-old Evgenia Sviridenko also died electrocuted after her iPhone plugged into the charger fell into the bathtub. Days earlier, 12-year-old Russian Kseniya passed away with her cell phone falling into the bathroom stall.

These are sad cases, but they could be avoided.


Plugged in – conectado na tomada

Overload – sobrecarga

Warning – aviso

Avoid – evite

Chargers – carga / carregador

Maintenance – manutenção

Switch – interruptor

Fake – faso

Overloading – sobrecarga

Moisture – umidade

Throughout - através

Bathroom stall – box do banheiro




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