Burnout Syndrome Can  Harm (prejudicar) Healthy Habits

Your workplace probably offers some benefits for you, such as wellness (bem-estar) programs or discounts at the gym. That's great, but if you are feeling bad or overwhelmed (sobrecarregado), none of these benefits will result in quality of life, a new study suggests. Burnout Syndrome can harm (prejudicar) healthy habits (hábitos saudáveis)

Burnout syndrome and quality of life

To understand the relationship between workload (carga de trabalho), exhaustion, and health behaviors, researchers at the University of Georgia recruited 953 adults who were employed. They were asked about the amount of work they were expected to complete and at what speed. They also responded by agreeing to statements (declarações) such as "After work, I usually feel exhausted and tired."

Eating behaviors were also reported by the participants. They used a questionnaire that measures emotional eating and the percentage of calories from fat (gordura). They also reported the frequency and intensity of physical activity.

Researchers found that workload and fatigue were linked to emotional eating, uncontrolled eating, and a higher percentage of calories from fatty foods. Also, not surprisingly, more exhaustion was linked to lower levels of physical activity.

"Our results suggest that when a person has a heavy workload, she does not have enough energy to make decisions about buying, preparing and eating healthy foods," said study lead author Heather Padilla. "Fast food and convenience foods are all around us. They are also high in fat and often without many of the nutrients we need. "

Burnout syndrome

While many companies are offering wellness (bem-estar) benefits to their employees, the challenges of weight (peso) and inactivity persist. "And burnout can be a big factor that is not being addressed (abordado) enough," added Padilla.

It is important to recognize the early stages of Burnout Syndrome - or professional exhaustion (esgotamento profissional) - before it actually becomes a problem, according to Jephtha Tausig-Edwards, a clinical psychologist in New York.

She notes that symptoms may include: low self-realization, difficulty completing tasks, use of free time to work more, low-level chronic pain - such as headaches and tense muscles - and irritability.

At this point you need to start implementing some strategies. To start, take some time to run or go to the gym. Also keep a consistent bedtime (if possible early). Try to increase your intervals during the day. Get out (saia), drink some water and take a deep breath (respiração profunda). And if you can not control the stress, look for (procure) a professional.

Your boss may be a bit surprised by your change, but your body and brain will thank you.




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