"Tips to keep mentally healthy during a quarantine"

You're stuck at home. You can't meet your friends or go to events. The economy is in free fall. But that doesn't mean that you are powerless. 

Several governments around the world have requested or ordered their citizens to quarantine themselves: to stay at home to avoid contact with others.

Quarantines help slow the spread of diseases like COVID-19. It first appeared in China in late December and quickly became a worldwide health emergency.

Quarantines, however, can cause health problems. People are at risk of anxiety and depression as a result of the isolation caused by quarantines.

So, health experts around the world are offering advice to help deal with the undesirable effects of quarantines on mental health.

1 Use a quarantine to develop a new skill or to learn about something.

In today's world, we are constantly thinking about improving our skills. In the coming weeks, think about the skills you want to improve. Do you want to improve your excel skills? Have you always wanted to teach yourself Photoshop? There is literally no time like the present! The external situation can be bad and difficult for now, but inside your home, you have the power to decide what to do with your own time.

2 Keep your usual routine

Continuing with normal routines as much as possible will help you stay healthy during quarantines. For example, people should continue to wake up and get dressed at their usual time. People staying in pajamas all day could lead to feelings of being unproductive or without purpose.

3 Make a plan

Write a list of activities. These activities might include cleaning your home, paying bills, making calls and preparing meals. Health experts also suggest eating your meals at your usual times.


4 Don’t forget “self-care” activities

Everyone should include “self-care” activities during quarantine, such as exercise, reading or playing musical instruments. Getting exercise is important. Even if you must stay indoors, make sure to move your body.

5 Go outside

People should spend time outdoors. Being in nature can help to ease boredom and other tensions of quarantine. So, take a walk. Work in the yard if you have one. Start a garden. Explore some woods or wild areas. Get sunshine on your face. Wash your car or bicycle.

6 Use social media wisely

Social media does connect us. But too much of it might cause harm. Some studies show that social media can make some people feel left out or “less than.” Use it wisely. One way is to meet with friends, family, neighbors and others over video messaging services.

7 Find ways to help

Helping others is another way to lift your spirit during quarantine. This could be as simple as calling someone who is alone or greeting a neighbor from your window.

If you are under quarantine, let us know how you are dealing with it. How are you keeping your mental health strong? What are you doing with your extra time?

Difficult words:

Anxiety (fear or nervousness about what might happen​, you think something bad might happen)

Isolation (the state of being in a place or situation that is separate from others )

Boredom (the feeling of being bored)

Yard (the grounds immediately surrounding a house that are usually covered with grass)

Left out (to not include someone or something, ex: She feels left out because the other children don’t play with her.)

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